Stay Warm After Shinny

Stay Warm After Shinny

Shinny. One of Canada's greatest outdoor winter activities. There's nothing quite like getting out with your closest friends for some pond hockey during those cold winter months. 

Some of our fondest memories are the ones where we are connecting with friends, in the good 'ol outdoors through activity and fun! And, there's nothing better than some post-game drinks while taking off the skates and having a few good laughs. 

We've got Canada's favourite new fire pits to take your pond hockey game to the next level! Post game, pull out your CouleeGo and a few pounds of wood pellets or fire wood to bring some warmth to your post-game cool down. Set it up on the rink or on the frozen ground around some camp chairs and enjoy the company of your teammates with a cool beverage and a warm flame. 

So, the next time you lace up, don't forget your CouleeGo

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