Cooking with Coulee: The Ultimate Campfire S'more Dip

Cooking with Coulee: The Ultimate Campfire S'more Dip

S'mores. A family tradition over the campfire. We've taken a twist on this family favourite with the use of our Coulee Grill & Post to make this campfire s'more dip for the whole family to enjoy!


  1. CouleeYard 19" Dome Airflow Smoke-Less Fire Pit OR CouleeYard 19" 2in1 Smoke-Less Fire Pit
  2. Coulee Grill & Post 
  3. Cast Iron Pan (with lid)


  1. Your favourite chocolate (Roughly 6 chocolate bars)
  2. Full-size marshmallows 
  3. Graham crackers (or animal crackers and apple slices for the kids)


Fire up your CouleeYard to optimal burn reaching peak temperature (approximately 15 minutes). 

While the campfire is rocking, grease the bottom of the cast iron pan and line the bottom with your favourite chocolate, covering all surface area. Top the chocolate with marshmallows in a circular format, covering all the chocolate. 

Set your Coulee Grill approximately mid-way down the Coulee Post, place your cast iron pan with lid on your Coulee Grill & Post and rotate over the fire. Cook for 10-15 minutes until marshmallows are fluffy and golden. 

Safely rotate Coulee Grill off the direct flame and use your Graham crackers to dip and enjoy this family friendly treat! 

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