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Firewood facts and other things to consider.

You will find that firewood is typically cut to a length of 15-16”.

  • Kiln dried
    • Kiln dried means the firewood has been dried in a kiln or oven that is set to a desired moisture content that is ready to burn when you buy it.
  • Seasoned
    • Seasoned firewood means it has been air dried or aged and it ready to burn. We recommend chopping larger pieces as they may need more help to burn.
  • Unseasoned
    • Unseasoned firewood is not yet ready to burn. It will require additional air drying or aging which can take six months to a year as it has a higher moisture content.

Not all firewood is alike. Depending on the firewood you choose you can see different results. Some burn cleaner, longer, hotter, spark more/less, smoke more/less. While others are better for cooking.

  • Hardwood
    • Overall hardwood is a better choice for firewood as they are more dense, burns longer and hotter. Hardwoods also produce less smoke and sparks than softwoods. They are also better for cooking and offer a wide variety of flavours!
  • Softwood
    • Softwoods are typically a more cost-effective option than hardwoods because they are not as dense and burn faster than hardwoods. Softwoods typically create more of a crackle but, with that you will have more popping embers.
  • Never burn treated wood
    • Treated wood contains chemicals and if burned it will release hazardous materials that can harm your health and our environment.

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