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  1. What is the best way to start pellets?
    1. When starting your fire with pellets, pour pellets to just before the fill line. Even out the pellets with your hand and then evenly distribute your fire starter across the pellets and light the fire starter. Link to starting pellets video
  2. Can I extend my pellet fire with more pellets?
    1. If you started your fire with pellets DO NOT add more pellets. It will cause your fire to suffocate and can cause a lot of smoke. Only extend your fire with firewood.
  3. Can I place on a wood deck?
    1. No, we stand by the recommendations of our local and provincial fire regulations that suggest staying 10 ft. away from any combustible surfaces.
  4. Can I put the fire out with the stainless-steel lid?
    1. No, only use your lid once the coals are hot and there is no visible flame, your fire will continue to burn out as oxygen will feed through the vent holes. You can also use your lid as a table when not un use.
  5. How are you smoke-less?
    1. We 100% smoke free.
  6. How much is shipping?
    1. We have a standard $39 shipping charge anywhere in Canada.
  7. Can I do local pick up?
    1. Yes, we offer local pick up. Choose local pickup at checkout.
  8. What is the difference between the CouleeYard 2in1 vs the CouleeYard Dome 19/24”?
    1. Dome
      1. Other than the aesthetics of having the legs it also gets the name Dome because of its design. The dome in the middle was designed to be the best wood fired pit on the market today, anywhere. It allows for easy water drainage and easy clean up. Although, you can only start your fire with firewood you can add handful of pellets to give the fire a nice quick kick.
    2. 2in1
      1. Our favourite feature is being able to use pellets to start your fire. Burn a beautiful fire without sparks for the first hour before adding firewood. It can also be dropped into an existing fire pit. The 2in1 design allows for easy clean up and easy drainage, only make sure to have a base as there will be a very small amount of ash to fall through.
    3. Can I use my Coulee fire pit in a fire ban?
      1. Use Erins template
    4. How do I put out the fire?
      1. We recommend letting your fire pit go out on its own.
    5. How do I clean out my Coulee fire pit?
      1. Dome
      2. 2in1
      3. Go Series
    6. What is your warranty?
      1. See our full warranty here (link)

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