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Cooking with a Fire Pit: Our hot tips!

Cooking with a Fire Pit: Our hot tips!

When we think about our fondest memories, we imagine adventuring outdoors, gathering with those who mean the most to us and connecting over home cooked meals~ these are the pillars on which Coulee Outdoor was built. Our purpose is to not only create sustainable products, but to encourage a lifestyle full of fresh air and meaningful connection, and in our opinion nothing brings people together like good food! Thus, Cooking with Coulee was born!

We are always experimenting and cooking up fun recipes and we can’t wait to share them all with you here. And the best part? Every one of them is created to be made with your Coulee Fire Pit!  

If you’re new to cooking with a fire pit, we encourage you to keep reading as we are determined to instill in you the confidence to give it a go!


1. Fire First!

Before you prep your food, be sure to start your fire. This will give it time for the flames to die down so you have plenty of hot coals to cook with. While cooking with flames seems like the quickest route to a finished meal, this will often leave you with a burnt outside and uncooked inside. We recommend waiting around 30 minutes for the flames to settle and coals to appear, giving you much more control over the heat of your fire! 

2. Gear Up

Although there are many different tools on the market to add to your fire cooking arsenal, there are certainly a few that you just can’t live without. A good cast iron skillet or Dutch Oven are a must as they will not warp or melt over your flames. Plastic + heat = no bueno. Additionally, our Grill & Post is sure to enhance your over the fire cooking experience as it allows you to adjust the height or rotate your grill for easy temperature management. 

3. Accessorize!

Set yourself up for success and invest in the proper tools/accessories to cook with. Fire resistant gloves and a good set of tongs are at the top of our list. Find some of our other favourite accessories linked here. Remember, safety first!


4. Preparation is Key

The wise Alexander Graham Bell once said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. Coming from the guy who invented the first practical telephone, we’d say these are wise words indeed. So plan your meals beforehand! This not only ensures you have everything you need, but allows you to figure out what prep you may be able to get out of the way before the actual cooking begins. Doing any peeling, chopping or mixing prior will allow for a smoother fire cooking experience. This is especially helpful for those days where you are adventuring outside of your own backyard. 

5. Have fun!

Remember, cooking over your fire is a full experience! Allow yourself to get creative, invite your friends and family to join in and savour all the time you get to connect over your delicious eats.

With the help of these tips and a little bit of practice, we are positive you’ll be cooking over the campfire like a champ in no time! To tee you up for a successful first go, here’s a recipe we are sure will be a hit! *link watermelon blog*