Our Story

About Coulee Outdoor

Coulee Outdoor was founded in and inspired by the land and spirit of the Canadian Coulee's. 

With its breathtaking blue skies, the Rocky Mountains in clear view, and the unique coulee formations at our feet, it is simply one of the best places on earth for outdoor living. 

Our purpose is to create sustainable products that support connecting with the earth and each other. 

We believe in living a full life in the fresh air that coexists harmoniously with nature. 

Coulee Outdoor will always challenge ourselves to bring innovative products to market while respecting and protecting the planet. We work with durable, sustainable, top-quality materials so that our pieces can be enjoyed across generations. 


Our Founder Story

Raised near the Coulees with a love for the outdoors, Dexter has over 10 years of progressive business development experience in the outdoor lifestyle industry. The decision to launch Coulee Outdoor came from a passion for the industry and perfect timing to join a community where headquarters would be the perfect home, Cochrane, Alberta. A community thriving with entrepreneurship, close to family and outdoor adventures. 

Entrepreneurship runs in Dexter’s blood and he sees opportunity at every corner. A nightly campfire is a Hamilton household staple to decompress from the day and connect with each other. Innovation is often 'sparked' by what isn’t working and there were a few elements of the traditional campfire that needed some tweaking. On top of that, his industry experience with wood pellets as a fuel source and a gap in the market made it the perfect opportunity to jump into this new business venture. Dexter launched Coulee Outdoor with innovative fire pits and plans to expand to a robust, full outdoor lifestyle brand.