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Sasha Harrison @sashaharrison12

Sasha Harrison @sashaharrison12

Sasha is an inspiring mom, wife, DIY’r and entrepreneur of her own! When her family was presented with an opportunity to buy a farm in Ontario, they jumped in feet (and hearts) first and started building their dream life together. Investing all that they had into the business meant that their home required a special, ‘home grown’ touch to make it the home of their dreams. Over the years, Sasha has built, renovated and created each space in their home to be the place that they want to spend together each day.

We connected with Sasha over parallel entrepreneurial journeys, a mutual love for creating spaces that ‘spark’ joy and connection, all while being mindful of materials and costs that are within reach and meant to last a lifetime.

We hope that you are as inspired by Sasha as we are and you ‘ignite’ a flame of your own for creating spaces for connection in your life. Sasha has a CouleeGo™ 16 in her newly transformed outdoor space and we may have some additional projects up our sleeves for the future!

Check out Sasha’s instagram here.